Charles Miller of TLC
Kathy with family in need
Caring is Sharing!
Chuck Miller III hrlping!
Sen. Johnny Salling assists
Lots of Thanksgiving Pies
   May 2019   
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  • Lifeline supports Apostolic Outreach in India for the homeless, the orphans and the lepers--March 2019
  • Lifeline supports Apostolic Outreach in India for the homeless, the orphans and the lepers.--March 2019
  • Lifeline supports Apostolic Outreach in India for the homeless, the orphans and the lepers.--March 2019
  • Lifeline supports Apostolic Outreach in India for the homeless, the orphans and the lepers.--March 2019
  • Lifeline supports Apostolic Outreach in India for the homeless, the orphans and the lepers-March 2019
  • Lifeline supports Apostolic Outreach in India for the homeless, the orphans and the lepers-March 2019
  • Lifeline supports Apostolic Outreach in India for the homeless, the orphans and the lepers-March 2019
  • Lifeline supports Apostolic Outreach in India for the homeless, the orphans and the lepers-March 2019
  • Lifeline supports Apostolic Outreach in India for the homeless, the orphans and the lepers-March 2019
  • Apostolic Outreach in India for the homeless, the orphans and the lepers.-March 2019
  • Apostolic Outreach in India for the homeless, the orphans and the lepers-March 2019
  • BGE Linemen deliver to families in need for Christmas -December 2018
  • BGE Linemen deliver to families in need for Christmas -December 2018
  • BGE Linemen deliver to families in need for Christmas -December 2018
  • BGE Linemen deliver to families in need for Christmas -December 2018
  • BGE Linemen deliver to families in need for Christmas -December 2018
  • BGE Linemen deliver to families in need for Christmas -December 2018
  • It''s another BGE Christmas-Tim Owens and your team-You Rock-2018
  • It's another BGE Christmas-Tim Owens and you team rock every year-2018
  • BGE collects all year to give multiple bags og groceries to families in need! These guys work hard out in the elements but still care about the less fortunate!
  • Barbara Laukaitis, owner of Curves in Whitemarsh does it again by helping 6 families with full Christmas dinners and gifts for Christmas 2016.
  • Lifeline and BGE assist a senior in need for Christmas 2016.
  • Tim Owens and team from BGE assist needy families at Christmas 2016.
  • Time, Treasure and Talent shown in putting Thanksgiving baskets t(2016) together for those on need.
  • Mary who is 84 years old make sure Veterans are taken care of--2016
  • Thanksgiving 2016. Senator Salling with Barb-owner of curves at Whitemarsh
  • Chuck Miller helping with Thanksgiving 2016 --Life Center and Lifeline
  • Curves @ White Marsh giving to needy families, Thanksgiving 2015! They never fail their community!
  • Curves owner takes a personal interest in her Community! Go Barb!
  • Curves helped to assist a lot of families. Thanks to Curves for being a community minded business!
  • Curves assisted a lot of families. Thanks to Curves; a Community minded business!
  • Thanksgiving 2014-Over 30 families assisted.
  • Thanksgiving 2014-Over 30 families assisted.
  • Thanksgiving 2014-Over 30 families assisted.
  • Thanksgiving 2014-Over 30 families assisted.
  • Thanksgiving 2014-Over 30 familie assisted!
  • Thanksgiving 2014
  • Thanksgiving 2014-Over 30 families assisted!
  • Thanksgiving 2014-30 families plus helped.
  • Senior Lady receives assistacnce from BGE-Christmas 2013
  • BGE sponsors 2 families from local High School
  • Tony, Tirell and Tre-Christmas 2013
  • Whitemarsh Curves Christmas-2013
  • Barbara and Team Member from Curves of Whitemarsh-Christmas 2013
  • Barbara-Owner of Curves of Whitemarsh and me-Christmas 2013
  • Precious 80 year old receives Christmas from Curves of Whitemarsh and Precinct 6-2013
  • Thankful to Curves of Whitemarsh for the food cards
  • Christmas 2013
  • Thankful Father-Christmas 2013
  • 18 yr old receives needs-Christmas 2013
  • 18 year old-receives Christmas-2013
  • Very Happy 14 year old-Christmas 2013
  • 2 boys and single father receive help-Christmas 2013
  • Another Headstart family receives Christmas Help-2013
  • Head Start Christmas Recipient-2013
  • Towson Precinct 6-Christmas 2013
  • Towson Precinct 6-Loads up the Car with Gifts for others-Christmas 2013
  • Towson Precinct 6-Christmas 2013
  • Curves Angels-Christmas 2013
  • Barb-Curves Owner and members give back-Christmas 2013
  • Curves @ Whitemash-Christmas Donations-2013
  • Thanksgiving 2013-Donations from Curves at Whitemarsh and Lifecenter
  • Thanksgiving 2013-Donations from Curves at Whitemarsh and Lifecenter
  • Thanksgiving 2013-Donations from Curves at Whitemarsh and Lifecenter
  • Thanksgiving 2013-Donations from Curves at Whitemarsh and Lifecenter
  • Community Appreciation Day-August 24, 2013-Precious Lily
  • Community Appreciation Day-August 24, 2013
  • Community Appreciation Day-August 24, 2013
  • Community Appreciation Day-August 24, 2013
  • Community Appreciation Day-August 24, 2013
  • Community Appreciation Day-August 24, 2013
  • Community Appreciation Day-August 24, 2013
  • Community Appreciation Day-August 24, 2013
  • Community Appreciation Day-August 24, 2013
  • Community Appreciation Day-August 24, 2013
  • Community Appreciation Day-August 24, 2013
  • Community Appreciation Day-August 24, 2013
  • Community Appreciation Day-August 24, 2013
  • Tina, my biggest helper and friend -helping with the baskets for Christmas-2012
  • Tina and Ieshia-preparing to deliver baskets for those in need.
  • Tony and Deb Gallio-Christmas 2012
  • Bike frm Towson Precinct!
  • Tina (my helper) and Ieshia from Head Start gathering food and toys for families in need.
  • Mary Walker-81 years old-Thanks Curves and Towson Precinct
  • Easter Steele and Christmas Bike for her son.
  • Head Start picking up toys and food for Christmas families.
  • Barb and Kathy
  • Barbara-Curves at White Marsh
  • Barb/Curves at Whitemarsh giving back to thier community!
  • More Gifts from Curves
  • Barb and Curves Looking out for the Moms too!
  • Barbara-An Angel helping Angels!
  • Kathy and Ieshia (Gabrielle and Justin's mom)
  • Christmas Angel Mom-Ieshia (Justin and Gabrielle's mom)
  • Towson Police Station-Precinct 6-Christmas Giving
  • Towson Police Station-Precinct 6-and friends-Christmas Giving
  • Towson Police Station-Precinct 6-Kathy in Charge of the Christmas Drive-2012
  • Towson\'s Finest Give Back-Precinct 6-Christmas 2012
  • Thanksgiving 2012
  • Thanksgiving 2012
  • Thanksgiving 2012
  • Thanksgiving 2012
  • Thanksgiving 2012
  • Happy Birthday Tim!
  • Tim-Bro. Parsons-Bro. Ronnie--Celebrating with Tim-122012
  • Tim\'s Birthday and Christmas Celebration-2012
  • Tim and I
  • Be Warm Baltimore-12-01-2012--Serving those in need.
  • Be Warm Baltimore-Great Day-Big Success
  • Be Warm Baltimore-Dec. 1, 2012
  • Be Warm Baltimore-Helping those in need.--12-02-2012
  • Be Warm Baltimore-12-02-2012-Lifeine had a small part in.
  • Tomatoes
  • Teaching while young-when old will not depart from the way!
  • Working on a Garden, working on a Garden, for my Lord, for my Lord!
  • A family affair-helping others.
  • Something cold to drink while working!
  • SECOND ANNUAL LIFELINE GARDEN- (2012)-Plowing -the early stages!
  • Taking turns plowing the garden.
  • The ground is really hard, needs another go around!
  • Your turn now!
  • Now, what else can I do?
  • Sid-The captain of this project!
  • Beginning to plant!
  • Tony-The Supervisor!
  • Moving right along!
  • Teamwork!
  • The children pitched in to help!
  • A family that plants together stays together!
  • Me and Bernice-Mothers Day-2012
  • Brother Dave and Bernice-Mothers Day Nursing Home Visit-2012
  • Pretty Marie in her purple-Nursing Home-Mothers Day-2012
  • Bernice-Mothers Day-2012
  • Brother Dave and Marie-Mothers Day Nursing Home Visit-2012
  • Sticking Together-Nursing Home Visit-2012
  • Me, Sis Lau and Marie-Nursing Home Visit-05122012
  • Tina R-Christmas-2011-BGE
  • Christmas Family-2011-BGE
  • Marie-Listening to the Christmas Songs being sung for her!-2011
  • Girlscouts singing Christmas Carols to Marie
  • Marie-Christmas 2011-89 Years Young
  • Lifeline Garden-Feeding the Hungry
  • Plowing for a Cause
  • Lifeline Garden-Working together for the Community!
  • Student Pastor-Labor of Love
  • Plowing with others in mind!
  • Lifeline Community Garden
  • Teamwork
  • Building a Garden of Hope
  • By the sweat of the brow-others will benefit!
  • Lily is only 3 and wanted to help plant the garden!
  • Teaching children the value of helping others!
  • Laborers of the Field





Lifeline of Baltimore and Salisbury, Maryland which now also extends to Millville, Delaware. 


   Missionaries to our community!

   We've been expecting you!!


        Listen real close…CAN YOU HEAR IT?

The sound of people echoing the cry of their hearts? Some are whispering it; some are singing it, while others are SHOUTING IT LOUD! One thing's for sure, today's person is not satisfied with yesterday's solutions and religious routines. We won't be satisfied with little pat answers, or be soothed by a new outfit.

We want a revolution and we hear the stirrings of it at Lifeline. We want to make a difference in other lives, so we are stepping out by faith. The Bible tells us that "Faith without works is dead". Well, are you ready? Are you ready to put your works with your Faith?  I know you are or you would not be here today. So...


Our Mission -

To help people of all ages, color and economic backgrounds to become whole, prosperous and victorious people, living healthy, happy and rewarding lives.


Our Vision -

To build unity, trust and honor among others through Fellowship, Worship, Teaching, and Prayer. To establish a  person's worth and identity not by what they do but by who they are; to sharpen, strengthen, and encourage one another in our individual gifts and callings. To provoke and develop a spirit of excellence as a woman, man, wife, mother, husband,  and co-worker in our community.  We desire to link arms with the local agencies and other programs; together, touching our cities and reaching our communities!


 Our Goal -

To instill self worth and provide tools for a more productive, healthy and rewarding life. To change our world by remembering…… It takes ONE NATION to make a difference in our world. It takes ONE COMMUNITY to make a difference in our nation. And it only takes ONE PERSON to make a difference in a family.

When considering giving to some of the causes you may see throughout our website please remember the story of Joe. He was only known as Joe,  because he was homeless. To a lot of folks homeless people become known as just faces. They loose their identity and their self esteem is little to none. Well, in Joe's story, there were lots of people who would pass his way everyday. In their minds they would mull over if they were to give whether Joe would use the money for something good.  You know, liquor or beer. They almost gave lots of times. They almost went home, gathered a blanket to take back to Joe. They almost drove Joe to a shelter. Well, one night Joe almost made it through the night. You cannot go back and say "If only I had...." Please give! If you can give and don't have time to get involved or just don't want to get involved, your money can go a long way toward helping an individual or sometimes a whole entire family. 










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Contact Us  
Lifeline of Baltimore & Salisbury MD as well as Millville, DE
33367 Lone Cedar Landing
Millville, Delaware 19967
Debra Gallio - 410-262-0875
Regular Schedule  
  • Lifeline is a real life resource to help those in need; open 24/7. Needs don't have a schedule
Lifeline Supports Apostolic Outreach on the streets of India--March 2019

Lifeline financially supports Victor Naveen in his Apostolic ministry on the streets of India. His outreach serves the orphans, the homeless and the lepers. Much of life's castaways whom Jesus came to love and to save. He was not afraid to go amongst them and be their friend and their Savior. We are supposed to reflect Christ; we are supposed to be His eyes, His ears, His hands and His feet. Go out from the 99 and find that one lost sheep. Love them, feed them and show them God's love. Love lifted us from the agony of the cross and as God's children let us shine God's love into the hearts of the hopeless🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Thanksgiving and Christmas-2018---Barbara Laukaitis, owner of White Marsh, once again proves to be an angel of mercy for her Community!

Barbara Laukaitis, owner of Curves at White Marsh, comes through once again for those in need. She is seen in this photo on the far left. She not only helps people get in shape physically but she reaches out to them by giving every year to those less fortunate. She has such a big heart and she walks the talk. She is a proven staple for LIFELINE OF Baltimore . Why? She cares about her community and she and her members work overtime to make sure they fill as many needs as possible. She has stepped up to the plate for about 10 years now. In this world, I. The time we live in tight now, this speaks volumes. Saying "thank you" really could never really convey what is in my heart. Barb, we love and appreciate you very much❤️❤️❤️

Thanksgiving and Christmas 2018

BGE Linemen deliver to families in need for Christmas -December 2018

Tim Owens, BGE (Exelon) lineman and his coworkers once again hit it out of the park with helping and extending compassion to those in need by collecting donations, purchasing and delivering to families with extenuating circumstances that were dire. We never know how fortunate and blessed we are to have a job, a home and food on our tables. However the most important thing is being healthy eough to work and provide for your family. Some of the folks we delivered to had brain cancer (father of family with children ) who also had a child who was 6years old and could not speak. He was being transported back and forth to Kennedy Krieger. Another family, the mother was elderly with COPD and her husband was blind. The last family had recently lost their jobs, no income, no food and two children with no presents under their tree, which for the adults are the least of their worries; but which one of us would like seeing a tree with nothing under it for your children? I would say none! 

These Linemen sacrifice every year for the past 15 years and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Exelon (BGE) should be very proud to employ guys that have hearts of gold and endless compassion. The families are all told who these men work for and make a big impression in the community that assure them that BGE truly cares. 

ThanksTim ad crew for a job well done❤️

See Facebook Fundraiser for Food Baskets for the needy-Thanksgiving & Christmas


We all know how unfortunate situations (loss of job, loss of loved one, homelessness, health issues or just  loneliness) can become very distressing during this time. Lifeline each year strives to provide Thanksgiving baskets chocked full of everything needed to serve a family of 4-6 or a family of just 2 (seniors). Our goal is to lift their spirits by being able to sit down to a nice family dinner and to let them know there are those that care❤️The need for baskets continues to grow each holiday for we also do Christmas. Because many times Social Services are flooded with these needs we get the overflow plus those families referred to us by other community programs. Lifeline works totally on private donations and volunteers. I am asking for donations to fill as many needs as possible for we hate when we have to turn someone away. If you cannot do cash donations (any amount appreciated) we will accept food donations toward the baskets. For more info please inbox me or call me at 410-262-0875. Ask for Debra. For more information on our program please visit our website @ We serve Salisbury MD., (New Life) and (Life Center) in Essex, MD.  

 Please consider being a part of changing someone’s life by lending a helping hand up 🙏



Meeting Needs-Sharing Blessings

As we travel this journey called life we find out just how truly blessed we really are. I have people calling asking for beds, asking for sofas, kitchen tables. Why? Not because they are looking for freebies but out of necessity. Most have children and have found themselves in situations beyond their control many times and just need a helping hand up. We are there to be just that. When we think of all the things we have that we don't use, we have way more than we need. Share, give, help and I assure you that there will be blessings beyond your imagination as long as we do it expecting Nothing in return. May God bless you always! 

New Life Apostolic Church will be hosting a special "Homecoming Service" for all our friends and families who used to attend.

NLAC will be hosting a "Homecoming" service for all of our friends and church family who we have not seen in some time. This will be in July, the date TBA.  There will be lots of food, games for all, children and adults, and most of all fellowship! We miss everyone of you and still call your name out in prayer. Invitations to go out soon, if you can please RSVP so we will know how much food to plan for. Please feel welcome as this is especially for you. You will always be part of our family and this is way overdue. Come one, Come all and bring your family to enjoy a day of fun, games and food for all! 


New Life Apostolic Church located at 214 Maple Way in Salisbury, Maryland will soon open their clothes closet to the public. See attached information

NLAC will open our clothes closet to those in need beginning the first and third Saturday of every month beginning in June. Should you need something in between that time feel free to call Debra Gallio @ 410-262-0875.  For additional information please contact Debra Gallio @ 410-262-0875 or Sharon Jones @ 410-391-8883. We are a community minded church who reaches out with love and compassion. We are the hands, feet, eyes and ears of Christ. 

New Food Pantry will soon open at the New Life Apostolic Church located at 214 Maple Ave in Salisbury, Maryland. See attached information.

Our Food Pantry will open the first and third Saturday of every month beginning in June. Those in need will be able to grab some basic needs and a bag of food. Our hours will be 10 am - 12pm. Should you be in need in between these times please call Debra Gallio at 410-262-0875. NLAC really does care about those who need a helping hand up. We believe but for the grace of God there goes anyone of us. We are the eyes, ears, hands and feet of our Lord. May we always be about our Fathers business. For additional information contact Debra Gallio @ 410-262-0875 or Sharon Jones @ 410-391-8883 .

Senator Johnny donated time and resources to get the job done.

With the help of Senator Johnny and Kathy Vaughan we were handily able to get the job done last year. I believe it was at least 25 families who received a basket. They worked tirelessly to travel to various locations to deliver when the recpients could not pick up. Businesses such as Curves in White Marsh and saints from The Life Center located at 200 N Marlyn Ave graciously donated time, money and food baskets to help their community. They deserve to be applauded not because they expect it but because they deserve it. This year, 2018, baskets will be arranged and delivered by Cabre Boyd, Kathy Vaughan and Michele Kupner. Curves of White Marsh comes to the rescue once again. Barb and her members are very active in caring and giving to others. Please remember this when looking for a place to work out for you will receive so much more. Thanks to everyone and may God bless all. 

Thanksgiving help for Baltimore County and Salisbury, Maryland 2018

Thanksgiving is the time of year when families get together and enjoy and appreciate each other. We give thanks for our blessings that God has given us all year long. Lifeline is here to see that those families or individuals who do not have food and sometimes even a place to lay their head can also celebrate through our giving, our sharing of our blessings and true commitment to serve others. That is our true purpose and we strive to fulfill that ministry. Please join with us and I am sure you will share the joy and the love you feel in helping others. 

Clothes and toys to Handicapped School Children-May 2017

Bags of clothing, shoes and toys donated to handicapped children and some needy staff as well. You never know what things you may have that may bless someone in need. Should you have anything in good condition to donate please feel free to call me@ 410-262-0875. 

My name is Debra. Thanks so much for caring🙂

Curves of White Marsh and BGE team up with Lifeline of Baltimore to serve a total of 9 families with food and gifts.

Tim Owens and team of BGE deliver groceries to need families for Christmas.  At the same time Curves in White Marsh and their generous members are hard at work collecting to assist a senior and a high school girl who would have been left without anything!  Senator Johnny Salling assisted in deliveries. Never leaving out Kathy Kraemer and co-workers from Precinct 6  in Towson who also pitched in and assisted a shut in with gifts. Hats off to all of these folks and their big hearts as well their time and talent spent on making Christmas 2016 successful! 

Thanksgiving Help for the Veterans-2016

Mary who is in her 80's is the spokesperson for the Veterans. She colunteers downtown for the Veterans as much as possible. She know many families would not have thanksgiving dinner if not for our baskets so she ask for at least 5 or 6 baskets yo fill that need. Thank you Mary for looking out for those who served our country but have been left wanting! 

Life Center and Lifeline assist approximately 35 families with full Thanksgiving dinners-2016

Thanks to all who gave freely to those families who otherwise would not eat a Thanksgiving dinner. Lifeline and Life Center was able to provide approximately 35 baskets filled with all the fixings for families in need. We even had the assistance of Senator Johnny Ray Salling in delivering to some of the families. He spent a good amount of time putting them together and getting them to the family in need. We all know this is a busy time but let's not forget the real reason, not the hustle and bustle, but being a servant at all times. Caring is sharing our blessings!  Thanks to all who participated! 

New Apostolic Life Center in Salisbury helps 27 families with full Thanksgiving dinners.

27 baskets filled with all the fixings for a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner, put together with love by God's people. Thank you NALC for caring for others and showing it by being a servant! 

2016--Thanksgiving Help for many families from Curves @ White Marsh

Barbara Laukaitis , owner of Curves @ White Marsh, once again came to the rescue of many hungry and needy families. She and her members worked tirelessly to gather food and fill baskets, many baskets. Words are cheap, but its all I can offer at this time but clearly words cannot convey the thanks and appreciation for their help. Please visit her business, if you are not in the market to join, stop in and thank her. We all know the new year is upon us and there would be no better place to get in shape than here at "Curves @ White Marsh" ! 

We would like to thank Senator Johnny Ray Salling who assists in delivering to some of the families that had no transportation to pick their basket up! 

Curves of Whitemarsh has pledged 12 baskets for Thanksgiving of 2016

Barbara Laukaitus is more than an owner of a business who pledges to increase the quality of the women who belong to Curves but she has for many years been behind helping those in her community who are in need. She, without question, will head the drive along with the very giving members  of Curves and never fails to come through. She really needs to be commended and she definitely is laying up treasures. She does this quietly and unassuming seeking no glory but works tirelessly each year. Thank you Barbara from the bottom of our hearts. You may never know on this earth the lives you have touched but you will someday! 

Lifeline is now preparing for Thanksgiving &Christmas 2016 🦃🦃🌲🌲🌲

Many families are in need this year. Schools have contacted us to ask for help for the neediest of the needy. Their stories are very sad  and involve children as well. Resources have been stretched very thin so Social Service agencies are reaching out for help. We need donations to buy turkeys/hams as well as enough  food to fill baskets that will allow these families to at least enjoy a good meal. If anyone can donate  food or monetary donations, we will do the shopping. Please contact Debra Gallio @ 410-262-0875. Thanks for your consideration to provide help for those less fortunate than ourselves. 

Lifeline is now in Delaware (Millville)

Lifeline is now in Millville, Delaware. Our awesome program is now extended to Millville and the surrounding areas. Please know that all of our resources are now available to Delaware. Please stay tuned for more information! 

Thanksgiving 2015

A big shout out to Curves @ White Marsh for their huge donation that fed 10 families at Thanksgiving 2915. Barbara, the owner, has such a huge heart! She along with her members continue year after year to amaze me! They take giving to their community to a different level! Lifeline can count on curves and this says a lot about this business and it's owner! If you are looking for fitness place where you will be more than just a number, choose Curves of White Marah. Barb, will take a special interest in your goals and help you to achieve them!

Lifeline also had a special and honored guest who also took a special interest in the needs of the people in his area.  Ric Metzgar, Delegate for the Essex, Middle River and Dundalk area along with Todd Knudson and Kathy Vaughan delivered baskets to a couple of schools in his district. Feast for Families made sure 15 families were fed for Thanksgiving. Hats off to Ric land his group for caring and putting that care into action! Together we assisted over 65 families and over 300 people ate because of people who really care.  Stay tuned as Lifeline gears up for the Christmas Holidays! 


Barbara Laukaitis-Owner of White Marsh Curves-December 1, 2014

A huge shout out to Barb and her members. This group of big hearted, community minded people, led by the most wonderful angel (Barbara Laukaitis) has been the saving grace for a great number of families. With Barbara leading the way, she makes sure many needs are supplied, not only for Thanksgiving (30 plus families this year)  and Christmas but whenever a special need arises. She has been a special help to many seniors who have survived because of her and her members. I want to make sure everyone knows where to find this business. It is most worthy of your patronage not only for their big hearts but because of her success in helping people reach their goals. If you are looking at making some New Years resolutions that includes a health and exercise change, please look Barb up. You will not be dissapointed!


We provide our members with a fun, convenient, comfortable environment where you will find all the support you need to meet your fitness, weight management, and health goals. The Curves Work-out takes just 30 minutes and includes all the components needed for a complete exercise program - warm-up, cardiovascular, aerobic, strength training, cool down, and stretching.

Give us a call to learn more!

Check out our Facebook page for more information on Curves!

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday 7AM-2:00PM, 3:30PM-7:30PM
Saturday 8AM-12:00

We are located near the Baltimore County Library and we invite you to contact us by phone, fax, or email. Thank you for your interest!

White Marsh Curves
8114 Sandpiper Circle, Suite 110
Nottingham, MD 21236

(410) 933-8889
Fax: (410) 933-8885
or click here for directions



Shoes for Kids-09/22/2014

Lifeline and our Backpack Ministry operates through our schools. We accept referrals and will review the need. If the family meets the income guidelines and the resources are available the footwear for the children will be provided. For more information, please contact Debra @ 410-262-0875.  If you have funds or shoes that you would like to donate we will accept shoes in good condition and/or new as well. 

Backpack Ministry Continues to Grow -Update December 1, 2014

As a child I grew up in the Appalachian Mountains. I know what it is like not to have enough food to go around. The Backpack Ministry helps those children who may fall into this area. There are probably more of those families in the Essex, Middle River and Dundalk area than you know. These families are barely making ends meet and many times have to choose between necessities. This is not a nice place to be in and even though the parents are trying for some reason or other they just need a helping hand. This is where this ministry may fill the gaps. We fill a backpack with the food needed to get the child through the weekend and back to school where we know they will get a hot lunch and possibly breakfast as well. We do this in a way that does not make them stand out and if they don't want anyone to know then it is possible they may never find out . We fill the Backpacks every Friday and the child picks up the Backpack in the Guidance Counselors Office. Once they empty the bag over the weekend they bring  it back on Monday and the process begins all over again.

We also keep our eyes open for any other basic needs the child may have. For example it came to our attention that a little 3rd grader did not have any shoes and the parent was not in a place to buy them at this time. We supplied (2) pairs because we had funds available at that time. We may not always be able to meet every need but we can try to meet the most needed ones.

For more information on this Ministry please call Debra @ 410-262-0875.   Donations are always accepted for the needs far outweigh the resources!



This ministry is now supplying food for 30+ children on the weekends. We also adopted 4 families that received full Thanksgiving Dinners. We will be doing the same for Christmas with at least one toy for the children. May God continue to bless as we continue to meet needs of the less fortunate knowing if not for the grace of God there go you or I!

BACKPACK MINiSTRY! Nobody child should go hungry!

Please look for dates and times for participating schools.  If you know of a child that is in need please let us know! 

Tim's Final stand

On October 13, 2013, our dear friend and brother Tim Bishop passed away. Tim came to us about 7 years ago. He was a homeless man who had been sent to the streets when his mom who took care of Tim passed away. Tim was mentally handicapped due to an accident when he was young so being on the streets was a huge shock to Tim. It was very difficult for Tim since he was constantly beat up and robbed. When Tim wondered into our church we saw Tim had more needs than just homelessness. He needed a home, an income and someone to basically manage his funds for him otherwise he would be robbed everytime he would have a little cash on him. God spoke to us and let us know this was our mission to help Tim. This is exactly what we did. We helped him secure his SSI benefits, found a place for Tim to live, bought his food and clothing and Tim was able to have spend money for whatever he wanted for a few years. However, gradually we realized Tim was having more difficulty than usual just getting around. We took him to have this checked out and found that Tim had Huntingdon's disease. The doctor told us since we have no idea how long Tim had this we could not give a life span for the disease. Could be a couple of years up to 10. We knew Tim needed more than we could provide at that time so Tim went to live at Manor Care in Towson. Tim had been able to have a house, food, clothing and lots of love for over 3 years. We were devestatedi but Tim did not seem to mind that much. It was almost like God whispered to him that everything would be ok. He felt safe and he knew he was getting sicker.  Tim lived at Manor Care about 2 years and just recenty we received word that he also had been diagnosed with cancer. Tim had very little time left. We  at Lifecenter had come to love him very much. He was part of our family. We visited Tim, made sure his birthday's and Christmas's were the best they could be. On October 13, 2013, Tim went home to be with the Lord. We thank the Lord for allowing us to be a part of his life. Tim was meant to change our lives not the other way around!

Community Appreciation Day-August 24

Community Appreciation Day, held on August 24, 2013, was a huge success. We want to thank all of the community that came out and partook of this very special day. It was all about you.Free food, games and a day filled with music and fellowship. For those of you who had children there was free school supplies. Thanks to The Life Center and all of our sponsors for helping to make this day a great success. Hope to see you next year, Lord willing!

Christmas Drive-2013

Thanks to members from Life Center, Kathy with help from Towson Precinct 6 and Barb @ White Marsh Curves and their members,  we helped 15 families with toys for children, gifts for Mom and food for their Christmas Dinner. I am sure the children will be delighted when they wake up on Christmas thanks to folks like you. You blessed others with your blessings and we thank you. You are angels in waiting.......

White Marsh Curves-Angels at Work! 12/21/2013


Words can never relate the thankfulness that we have for what you have done. You and your members working hand n hand to make sure those less fortunate could enjoy Christmas. Children that had no hope of gifts under the tree. Children that had no tree for gifts to be under and even those who have no permanent home to have a tree. The elderly that have no family that cares enough to remember they count too. No friends to jump in when there are needs that need to be met, even the basics like food. You and your members stepped in and earned your name of Christmas Angels. Gifts will be delivered between today and tomorrow. Stay tuned, pictures will follow. For those of you looking for a great place to work out. Does this say enough about the owner and those who work out there???

Thanks to Precinct 6-we can serve those in need again this year! 12/20/2013


You and your friends at Precinct 6 in Towson did a wonderful job again this year! You never fail those in need. You ask for a list of needs and you try your best to make sure you cover all. So above and beyond!  Those in need will have something to smile about on Christmas day thanks to all of you. A lot of work went into coordinating this and I just want to tell you how much Lifeline appreciates it. You are just great people caring for others and again, I was speechless!   Thanks again.


Thanks to Richardson's Farm for Turkey Donations for Thanksgiving 11/28/2012

Hats off to Richardsons Farms for providing turkeys to families in need. With their help Lifeline served over 35 families with complete Thanksgiving Dinners.

In Rememberence of Marie Herold who left us July of 2012-She was one of our star angels! You are greatly missed!

This picture was taken Christmas of last year. Marie left us in July of this year. Now she is a real angel! Miss you Marie.

Celebrating the birth of Christ by giving to others!

Lifeline is now gearing up to help those  families for Christmas that has exhausted all other efforts. The agencies are overflowing with people in need. God knows those he wants and does send to Lifeline. Anybody that would like to donate new toys or new coats please call Debra ! 410-262-0875.

Be Warm Baltimore-12-01-2012

Be Warm Baltimore, From Saul to Paul, Lifeline and several others helping those in need.-12-01-2012

Richardsons Farm sponsors 2nd Lifeline Community Garden--05/27/2012

Lifeline would like to thank Richardson's Farm located on Ebenezer Road in WhiteMarsh for making this community garden possible. They graciously donated all plants for the Second year in a row. Richardsons is a great part of our community and they give back to their customers who have supported them by giving to projects like this. The vegetables that this garden will  render will go to feed the poor. Those who otherwise cannot afford fresh vegetables for their family. Our goal is eventually that this garden will allow us to offer employment to someone that otherwise would not have a job;  all because someone cared enough to be a part of this community effort. Thanks Richardsons and we know God will bless!

2/25/2012--URGENT NEED-2 families suffer fires in Colgate Community

Colgate Improvement Association is calling on the  Community to band together to help 2 families who just experienced total loss fires in our community "Colgate". One of the families has 2 sets of twins and an Autistic Child who is in a state of panic since her routine has been disturbed. The other family is elderly! We need to hurry and help

These families lost their whole lives. We "CIA" are taking donations for these families so they can begin again. If you have Money to spare, "even a little", clothes in all sizes, furniture, food, and if you have an apartment or space to share, please call us at 410-929-8265. or email us at

You may also contact me-Debra-410-262-0875


The Best Christmas In Years

Thanks to Baltimore Police Presinct #6, Marie had the best Christmas in years. These were  her words as a troop of girlscouts sang Christmas Carols on her porch and many gathered to wish her a Merry Merry Christmas.Kathy and Tom, both Police Officers collected gifts and money to help her with her daily expenses. To buy food and not worry about getting her medicine. To say the least, there are lots of caring people out there and when there is a cause as worthy as this one everyone works together.

Curves in White Marsh also were very instrumental in supplying  much needed help to Marie and allowing her to breathe easy for a while. Barb, thanks for caring. Thanks for helping. You have not met Marie but you are kindred spirits now because of your big heart. Thanks Barb!

Everyyear we reach out to the most needy families. This year Marie was one of many that we have assisted. Many with food, many with gifts and many with both. Thanks to all who helped, to those who gave of their time and resources to make sure others could be blessed!

How do we celebrate Christ's Birthday? By sharing his love with others!

Making our list and checking it twice of those who need help!

Thanksgiving Help for our Neighbors!

Loving and Helping our neighbors in need have a great Thanksgiving.

Lifeline Garden Gives Ray of Hope-East County Times

See  July 21, 2011 article under Info Center

Taking It To The Streets-Spring of 2011

Lifeline will be Taking It To The Streets once again to aid those who are elderly, invalid or handicapped in some way.  We will be assisting in cleaning up yards, light repair work, etc. Anyone that would like to be a part of this very rewarding work please contact Debra @ 410-262-0875.

Tim Bishops Birthday

Tim Bishop was our very first client. He is now a part of our family. For the past 5 years we have provided for Tim, both income and a place to call home. We took care of Tim's needs, such as clothing and food. In August of 2010, Tim was diagnosed with Huntington's disease and now lives at Ruxton Manor Care on Charles Street so that all of his medical needs can be given. December 22, 2010 was Tim's 52nd birthday. A group of us went to visit Tim. We took a birthday cake and many birthday/Christmas presents. Tim was estatic. He was so happy and it really showed that he had dearly missed us all. We love Tim and we pray that he continues to be happy and as healthy as he possibly can be in his new environment. We will continue to go see Tim and let him know that his family truly misses him.

Miracles Never Cease

During the months of April and May we continued to receive donation after donation of food. We are talking top grade items. Lobster, steak, shrimp, soups, breads, cheeses, cookies, crab covered chicken breast, etc. Because of the quantity of the food we not only were able to feed many low income and homeless people who live in Baltimore and surrounding areas but look what else we were able to do. We provided 277,000 meals to people in Haiti. Because of the way this food was packaged it was able to reach the most remote areas. We were able to purchase 10 trikes-valued at $3,000-$3500 a piece that went to amputees. Food was delivered to almost every soup kitchen and shelter in Baltimore. And last but not least we were able to put a new roof on a home missions church. Praise God, this was a real miracle.

Hampton Inn donates bags of linens for Haiti-5/3/2010
  • Chesapeake Crab  Co.
  • Hampton Inn
  • Shoppers Supermarket
  • Jeff Scholnick-Attorneys at Law
  • International Relief Services
  • Lauren Gormley-Optometrist
  • Home Depot
  • Maryland Energy Assistance
  • Baltimore Fuel Fund
  • Richardsons Farm
  • Mars Supermarket


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