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Since the conception of W.O.W. for the Essex, Middle River, Dundalk, Parkville and Towson areas, we have been very busy applying our worth to our communities. Our first project, Timothy, homeless for over three years, you were able to read about in a previous addition of this paper.  Since Timothy's article was printed several needs have come to light. One of our current projects is a homeless family with three children. They basically have nothing. But these are extremely smart and caring people who want to make a difference in their children's lives. They just need some guidance and support at this time to help them through a difficult time. Appointments have been made for possible housing and the need for food has been temporarily supplied.  Contacts have been made for clothing, school supplies and more food.  These are our first steps in putting this family back on an even playing field. This is exactly what W.O.W. is all about. Taking what we have, our experiences, our strengths, and our commitment to our fellow man and sharing it with our communities.  It is about helping to give a second chance to someone who cannot see light at the end of the tunnel. The Women of Worth program is dedicated to helping all people fully realize their talents, skills, and dreams. The only chains and shackles that prevent any of us from realizing our life's dreams are those that we ourselves forge in the fires of doubt and hammer out on the anvils of the lack of belief. Is there really any reason to chain ourselves to mediocrity? Of course not! Let's take a really good look at what God has entrusted us with and decide if we are doing all we should with it. I want you to take the brakes off your thinking. It really is true that whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.


"Seek first to understand" involves a very deep shift in paradigm. We typically seek first to be understood. Most people do not listen with the intent to understand, they listen with the intent to reply. They're either speaking or preparing to speak. They're filtering everything through their own paradigms, reading their own autobiography into other people's lives. We must open up our hearts and our minds to "Seek first to understand" before we can ever help to make a difference or to change a life.


The difference between people who exercise initiative and those who don't is literally the difference between night and day.


W.O.W. is made up of women who want to make a difference. We offer solutions, proven methods and inspiring tools in order to make a difference in our communities and even our world. Our ultimate goal is to have these same people, whose lives have been changed by our programs, take what we have shared with them and PASS IT FORWARD.

What if we looked outward instead of inward when making our New Year's resolutions? Would we then be able to complete a year feeling satisfied rather than contemptuous about ourselves?

I'd like to take a risk and suggest one resolution that might last a year, or, maybe even, a lifetime. A resolution that makes you feel good about yourself while simultaneously including others.

It's not my idea so I don't want to take any credit for it. In fact, the idea originated from a movie called 'Pay It Forward' directed by Mimi Leder. A small child changes his community and ultimately his world.

The idea is simple.
You do something good for other people.
These people cannot 'repay' you...
They are encouraged to pay-it-forward.
In turn, doing something good for someone else.
And so on and so forth.

The mathematics is simple.
If I'll do something constructive for 3 people and these 3 people in turn do something for 3 other people (each) - we have already impacted 9 people in total. These 9 people will make a difference in 27 people's life, which in their turn will touch 81 people's hearts...

See how fast it grows?

Until today, this simple mathematical principle has been used through multi-level marketing and pyramid schemes. This year, you can use the same principle to make the world a better place.  With God at the core of our program this will spread like wildfire!!!

Of course, there will be those people that break the chain. However, others still, will reach out and touch more people than you could possibly imagine.
Just open your heart and give...
Trust in the goodness of man and allow yourself to be overwhelmed.

There are many ways to touch people's heart.
An action, a hug, a word, a smile.

Make it your resolution this year, and remember:
It takes ONE NATION to make a difference in this WORLD.
It takes ONE COMMUNITY to make a difference in a NATION.
It takes ONE FAMILY to make a difference in a COMMUNITY.
It takes ONE PERSON to make a difference in a FAMILY.

             You are that ONE!


Go ahead and make someone's day.
See how it makes YOU feel.
Then when they smile back and thank you,
ask them to pass it forward!


If you would like to be a part of this amazing group of women, either by giving time or donations, please call Sheila Boller @ 410-804-8442 or Debra Gallio @ 410-262-0875. Everything we do takes money and there is never enough to go around.  Your donations would be greatly appreciated.


Our next meeting will be held March 12, 2007 @ the Essex Diner in the heart of Essex.


Think Globally!! Act Locally!!





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